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Stormwater Maintenance

Protecting Our Waters and Your Property

Stormwater Drainage For Regulatory Compliance

Our Story

STORM (“Stormwater Tech”) is a plumbing intelligence platform providing storm water technology solutions by specializing in commercial storm drain flow maintenance and monitoring. Our storm drain technology offers sensors & monitoring benefits- mobile app with alerts, real-time data insights, risk mitigation against flooding & compliance violations, and cost control.

We began serving commercial and industrial clients across Texas in 1994 as EarthCare, until acquired by PE firm. In the 1990’s stormwater regulations were just evolving and our focus was pragmatic drainage issues, often involving trash & debris or serving MUD Districts and numerous stormwater engineers. Our team came back together in 2015 and now we target this niche with the STORM team.

Our Passion

Drain Flow Maintenance & Monitoring

Storm water drainage is a key solution to the problem of controlling storm water flow. Some may believe storm water management is just another strict regulation and unwanted costs to construction projects or property ownership and management. In urban environments, storm water can create major issues:

  • Flooding risk – due to the volume of water, failed drainage, blocked drainage (often trash)
  • Property damage – due to failed, overflowing drainage
  • Business disruption – due to slow or blocked drainage
  • Erosion – due to the increased speed of the water
  • Water pollution – due to overflowing drainage & contaminants in water runoff
  • Regulatory violation – due to poor maintenance & non-compliance
Stormwater: Why Care?
Communities - Detention Basin/Retention Pond Service


Detention Basin/Retention Pond Service

In most suburban neighborhood or office communities, during heavy rainfall, storm water drainage delivers large volumes of water flow to receiving basins or retention ponds as a part of flood management.

Our landscape management history, combined with our sewer & stormwater flow expertise, provides the maintenance background to mitigate risks and sustain healthy operations in budget.

Regular Inspection & Compliance

Flow Control & Water Quality

Storm water drainage is designed to effectively move excess rainwater from commercial, industrial and community properties to control and manage flood risks and reduce water pollutants collected from surface runoff.

Storm Drain Emergency

On-call ANYTIME - we guarantee fast, reliable service with UNIFORMED and EXPERT technicians. We’ll inspect and diagnose your drainage system and clean professionally.


Stay compliant, reduce flood risks or tenant complaints and avoid expensive property repairs with regular maintenance. Keep your storm drain system healthy.

Storm Inspections

STORM is your choice for thorough real estate or facility drain system inspections. If you’re looking to buy or sell a property, we’ll provide you with a written report and photos to confirm.

Turnkey Maintenance Services for Stormwater Infrastructure

Our stormwater services work for all types of businesses, facilities, from commercial properties, to  industrial plants, to highly variable construction sites. STORM crews are highly-experienced in safety and specifically trained to diagnose & handle all types of facilities with consistency and professionalism

Storm/Sewer Line, Manhole, and Catch Basin Cleaning

  • Catch basin storm drains
  • Stormwater pipelines and culverts
  • Filter vaults and manholes
  • Hydro-dynamic separators
  • API Oil/Water separators
  • Flow control and sedimentation manholes
  • Pump Lift Stations, Wet wells and drywells
  • Bio-swales and drainage ditches
  • Detention & Retention ponds
  • Retention tanks and dewatering tanks
  • Treatment tanks
  • Underground detention systems

Professional Storm Maintenance & Monitoring

Our mission is to offer professional storm solutions to commercial businesses, properties and industrial plants. Our expertise, service & monitoring technology help to provide the practical drainage flow protection and regulatory compliance in todays world.

Specialty Products and Services

Specialty Products and Services

STORM technicians can offer storm monitoring technology solutions, powered by solar panels, control panel and pump repair or replacement, and many other product offerings to keep or improve your storm drainage system healthy and in compliance:

Stormwater Pump Lift Stations: Maintenance & Monitoring

In 1994, our STORM team began serving Texas with lift station service. At that time, most lift station units were only pumping sanitary sewers, but after the numerous hurricanes & flooding, new stormwater rules & regulations were introduced. Today, nearly every commercial building has a storm lift station unit and a detention pond. Our STORM technicians are professionally trained in pump & control panel repairs or replacement.

PUMP Stormwater Lift Station
Hydrodynamic Separator Filters: Commercial Properties

Hydrodynamic Separator Filters: Commercial Properties

In many cities & counties, new stormwater building regulations have been imposed that require the installation and maintenance of hydrodynamic separators to filter contaminants and debris collected in surface water runoff during heavy rainfall. STORM technicians are trained to service, clean or replace filter cartridges  on any of the numerous storm models.

Industrial Stormwater Management: Plant Experts

The STORM team has a long history working within the refineries, chemical plants and marine ports. Many of our 1st storm drainage accounts involved stormwater management challenges after a heavy Texas rain in the petrochemical plants along ship channel and the Texas the Gulf Coast.

Same-Day Local Service: Industrial Septic